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Stakeholder one-to-ones

Alongside our events and activities we have been holding one-to-one conversations to capture feedback about people’s current experience of the area on a map of the site. People have been mapping:

  • What works about the area?

  • What doesn’t work about the area?

  • What is missing in the area?

  • What is you idea for the future?

We also asked people about their priorities for these themes:

  • Access and movement

  • Local character and distinctiveness

  • Landscape and open space

  • Neighbourhood

  • Space for employment and industry

  • Creativity and activation

  • Responding to climate crisis

  • Other ideas

If you are a member or run a group or organisation who you would think to benefit from participating in a one-to-one or having the engagement team attend a tag on then get in touch with Jasper,

Or to add your individual insight and priorities into our work you can fill out this short online feedback form here.



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