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Feedback gathered on designs - outline masterplan exhibitions

At four events in March 2024 we shared the outline masterplan proposals and how we felt we were meeting the community brief for the project. You can see what was shared here.

Many thanks to the 150 people attended the events and 171 people that viewed the exhibition online. We received 89 pieces of feedback from a mix of new and returning participants.

Feedback on the proposals:

Of the eighty-nine people who gave us feedback, 100% were in positive about all or most of the proposals - with almost 90% liking everything about the outline plan. Overall, the plan received praise for its alignment with community needs, range of proposed uses, and responsiveness to feedback.

(88%) I like them: Seventy-eight respondents said that they liked the illustrative approach to the site. People appreciated that it was not another residential development, and liked the focus on job creation and the plans to make the site a better neighbour. The inclusion of leisure and retail facilities were seen as creating a community destination and the suggestions to bring elements of this in the meanwhile uses was popular. Safety improvements to key routes and greening key areas were also welcomed as were the and proposals to manage HGV traffic.

(12%) I like most of them: 11 respondents were positive about most of the plans, but felt that key elements could be improved or that they still had reservations. Suggestions included more green spaces, improved cycling routes, and maintaining the positive dialogue with residents.

Feedback on the community brief:

Eighty-one people gave feedback on the Community Brief with 95% agreeing with it and 5% agreeing with most or some of it. We also asked people if they thought we were meeting the key priorities in the brief shown below. An average of 95% (the significant majority) felt we were meeting the brief in full.

95% of respondents thought we were meeting the brief for this through proposed steps to enclose, screen and mitigate noise. Tower Hamlets residents were especially reassured by the further details offered about how the proposals for Bow West would work.

94% gave positive feedback on the improvements to the towpath, safety on the Greenway, Marshgate Lane and the approach to biodiversity and new public spaces. Many welcomed the more detailed proposals to manage HGV traffic and the inclusion of an on-slip to the A12. 4% were positive, but said they would have liked to see pedestrian access from Bow West - there were also concerns about existing natural habitats. 1% (one person) felt it didn’t meet the brief as they felt that there could be more open space and a higher increase in biodiversity.

96% of responses indicated we were meeting the brief for this in full with 4% feeling it was being met in part.

Job creation as well as leisure and commercial provision were praised and meanwhile ideas received a lot of positive feedback.

A note regarding traffic management on the A12

At our events we shared a proposal to introduce a Southbound on-slip from the western part of the site (where concrete processing takes place) directly onto the A12. The aim of this was to improve the flow of Heavy Goods Vehicle traffic in the area and reduce its impact on residential and civic routes.

We have been working closely with Transport for London (TfL), who are responsible for the A12, throughout the project. They completed extensive modelling of the proposed on-slip and found it did not have the desired effect and they are exploring other solutions. As such the southbound on-slip is no longer part of the proposals.

We are still intending to improve future local HGV traffic and will continue to work with and support TfL to come up with a solution that will be developed and shared at the detailed design stage, subject to outline planning being granted.

Planning has been submitted

Network Rail has now submitted the outline planning application to LLDC and expect it to be determined over the coming months.


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