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In December 2023 we shared 2 concepts that the design team have been developing alongside the community brief for the project. See the latest design proposals on the Pre-planning Exhibition tab.

The site is 'Strategic Industrial Land' (SIL) and has to retain certain uses. We want to create a new mix of uses alongside improved rail freight use that makes better use of the site and makes it a better neighbour to, and offer benefits for the surrounding community.



Two mixed use concepts are being explored

Given the site is ‘Strategic Industrial Land’, we are working with local planning authorities to understand what uses would be allowed, and under what conditions.

Currently two scenarios are being explored; a ‘Residential led’ concept and ‘Employment led’ concept which are shown as high level diagrams below.

PLEASE NOTE: These concepts are work-in-progress and may change as the design is developed.

Residential led concept plan.png
Employment led concept plan.png
Key showing potential uses.png

Both concepts would see existing concrete plant uses and rail freight operations improved, new facilities provided for Network Rail and space for other lighter industrial work. The main difference is whether the buildings next to the Greenway include residential or workspaces as well as commercial and leisure space.


Residential led concept.png
Employment led concept.png


We’ve turned feedback from more than 500 local people into a Community Brief to guide the project going forward. We’ve outlined the ways in which we think we are meeting your brief so far below.

Find out more

See all the full set of information that was displayed at the event here.

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