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In March 2024 we shared the designs for the Outline Masterplan Application for the site and showed how we are meeting the Community Brief.

The area has changed a lot in recent years and with plans for more housing and cultural destinations coming soon, Bow Goods Yard needs to respond to this change. We see an opportunity to complete the puzzle of the Olympic Park, to connect communities and provide important industrial functions for London.

The site is 'Strategic Industrial Land' (SIL) The rail head and concrete plants are designated ‘strategic industrial uses’.
We plan to make these a better neighbour that is more efficient, productive and sustainable. We also propose a mix of other uses generating 1000s of jobs plus commercial and leisure uses to benefit the community.

Our proposal includes three main character areas that respond to the local context and the designation as Strategic Industrial Land.



Outline planning sets out the main design ideas, maximum heights of buildings, routes and movements, the size of blocks and the proposed type of uses or use classes. Subject to planning permission, the main design ideas will be developed in detail and some aspects may change slightly.

We have highlighted things that would be delivered in green, and things that are illustrative opportunities in orange, which would depend on further detailed design and/or finding suitable partners.

BGY Illustrative masterplan.png

Meeting your Brief

Feedback and insights from over 600 local people has allowed us to create a Community Brief based on your priorities for the new Bow Good Yard Masterplan.

Click on the themes below to see how the outline masterplan is meeting local priorities. Where there are priorities we can’t meet, we’ve tried to explain why.

Find out more

See all the full set of information that was displayed at the event here.

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